Bottom Trawls

Bering Sea Combination Trawl

Bering Sea Combination Trawl is a four seam trawl that incorporates 2-bridle design which allows for ease of rigging, fishing, and maintenance. Low stretch riblines hold their shape effectively with heavy codend loads.

Aleutian Cod Trawl

Aleutian Cod Trawl is a 2-panel, low-opening trawl which selectively catches Cod and Sole while allowing unwanted species to pass overhead. This net can be towed fast with a special designed footrope, maintaining continuous bottom contact.

Aleutian Cod Combination Trawl

Aleutian Cod Combination Trawl is a 4-panel version of the Aleutian Cod Trawl and is primarily used where more headrope height is required.

North Pacific Cod Trawl

North Pacific Cod Trawl is a traditional, low-opening, long-wing, 2-panel, bottom trawl designed for the efficient capture of Cod and flatfish. The long wings provide large herding area for size of trawl with low drag.

Hard Bottom Snapper Trawl

Hard Bottom Snapper Trawl is a very versatile, high-opening bottom trawl used for catching Rockfish, Snapper, Mackerel, Pollock, and Whiting. Footrope design and rugged construction allow this net to be used in very demanding conditions. This net may be used with either bottom or midwater trawl doors to accommodate pelagic or semi-pelagic fishing conditions.

Seguam Hard Bottom Trawl

Seguam 6-seam Hard Bottom Trawl is another high-opening bottom trawl used for catching Rockfish, Snapper, Pollock, Whiting, and Sole. The net's ability to maintain solid bottom contact when fishing on rugged terrain, combined with a smooth body design, allows fish to flow easily into the codend.