Trawl Doors

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Gull Wing Semi-Pelagic Trawl Doors

Gull Wing Semi-Pelagic Trawl Doors

Gull Wing trawl doors are high aspect, double foil, cambered doors introduced by NET Systems in September 2010. They may be rigged to fish on bottom, semi-pelagic, or midwater. With a shoe weight and balanced center of gravity, the Gull Wing door is very stable in all phases of fishing while providing excellent spread.

Series 2000 Trawl Doors

Series 2000

Series 2000 Trawl Doors is a high aspect ratio midwater trawl door that allows the trawl to fish throughout turns.

Hi-Lift Trawl Doors


Hi-Lift Trawl Doors are the newest addition to our complete line of specialized trawl doors.

Fishbuster Trawl Doors


Fishbuster Trawl Doors are unquestionably the most successful trawl doors ever created. As the first truly multipurpose full combination door, it has taken the industry by storm since it's introduction over the past decade.

Lite Pelagic/Bottom Trawl Doors

Lite Pelagic/Bottom

Lite Pelagic/Bottom Doors incorporate ingeniously engineered foam cores, encased within a rigid steel shell, which dramatically reduces their weight in water. The optional shoe lowers the center of gravity, increasing stability and durability for bottom operation.

Canyonbuster Trawl Doors


Canyonbuster Doors are extremely rugged and designed to be used in very hard bottom fishing conditions. Their rugged construction and stress-relieved welds are designed to withstand rough bottoms, midwater strains, and onboard handling.

Patriot Trawl Doors


The Patriot bottom trawl door combines the advantages of high performance foil technology with the unparalleled stability of a low aspect door. The Patriot delivers increased spreading force along with ease of towing. The Patriot doors have proven themselves in the shallow water fisheries on the east coast and more recently off the coast of Oregon in deep water, on the fishing vessels God's Will and Privateer. Skippers report good spread, good stability and the ability to tow into current that was previously not possible with their old doors.