Ultra Cross™ Dyneema® Sports Netting

When it comes to sports netting the main considerations are: high visibility factor, strength, and longevity. Our Ultra Cross Dyneema® netting withstands the elements, withstands the impact, and withstands the scrutiny. See the video below:

“Our Ultra Cross™ Braided Dyneema® tension netting systems, designed by Promats Athletics endured rigorous 3rd party testing from Innovative Test Solutions of Schenectady, NY. Even with over 600 impacts at speeds up to 115 mph, Ultra Cross™ never failed! ENGINEERED SAFETY. UNCOMPROMISED VISIBILITY. Visit to find out more about our full line of athletic equipment including Ultra Cross™ Braided Dyneema® Netting Systems!”
-Promats Athletics


Promats offers a wealth of information tailored to the sports netting markets on their website. Here is a sample of how our Ultra Cross netting is used:


Ultra Cross Dyneema Sports Netting

UltraCross® Multi-Strand Braided (Knotless) Dyneema® Netting offers excellence in every category – Durability, functionality, and visibility. Dyneema® is a super-strong fiber made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and is notable for excellence in tenacity, UV and chemical resistance, and resistance to abrasion. Along with the knotless construction and braided rope configuration, our UltraCross® netting beats competitors in the ease of use, durability and offers the best “see-through” visibility available.

Ultra Cross Tensile vs Displacement for Sports Netting

Ultra Cross Sports Netting Visibility

Ultra Cross Safety Netting

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