Mike Leary from the F/V American Heritage a Happy Customer with Gull Wing Doors!

His projected payoff for the 1.5 M Gull Wing Doors, with just fuel savings, will pay the doors off in 72 days fishing—cool!!

September 13:
“Mike writes, “Bob, I made another trip and with the instructions you sent me, had good luck with the doors, the savings will really come this winter when we fish for flounder in the deep water.
We fished 6 days and saved about 300 gallons of fuel which at $3.50 is a huge savings. The projected payoff on the doors is 72 days fishing, also I have noticed that the main engine burns less oil towing these doors and the winch engine doesn’t strain while hauling back, the load gauge on the electronic winch engine is about 60% while hauling back, with the Bisons it was 80-90%.
Mike Leary from the F/V American Heritage”
Thanks, Mike

F/V American Heritage

September 24:

“We fished 7 days last trip. I ordered 2300 gallons of fuel and only took 1900. At $3.58 a gallon I am very happy.”

Mike Leary. F/V American Heritage

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