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Net Systems Adds Purse Seine Net Loft

Net Systems on Bainbridge Island has taken over the Purse Seine Net Department for Marco Global. The purse seine net loft has moved to the Net Systems location on Bainbridge where it shares two buildings with a trawl net loft, a welding shop and 8 state of the art netting looms that produce the strongest netting in the world. Two net lanes have been set up to accommodate new construction of Purse Seines along with repairs. Nets will be run through the lanes and then piled onto pallets which can be delivered to Fishermen’s Terminal for pick up or stored on site.

Industry experts predict improvements in the availability of commercial fishing gear to the fleet as well as new, innovative materials. “If you have never seen web being made from a loom, then I highly recommend coming in for a tour of the facility,” said Adam Wartman who is the captain of the fishing vessel Ariel. Net Systems looks forward to adding the expertise of the Marco seine crew to the knowledgeable trawl loft. Once the transition is complete, Net Systems is proud to offer Purse Seine repairs and new construction alongside their existing mid-water and bottom trawls, trawl doors, wire rope, and hardware to support fishing fleets all over the world.