Netting Products

Netting Products

ULTRA CROSS KNOTLESS NETTING is a highly advanced form of knotless netting that delivers superior strength and performance over conventional knotless netting. The manufacturing process maximizes the use of the material’s strength. Knots are eliminated, braids are balanced with four-strand construction, and the filaments run continuously throughout the netting, so strength is enhanced. Because of it’s great strength, a single layer of Ultra Cross netting can replace a double-layer, or even triple layer, polyethylene codend. Also, a single layer of Ultra Cross increases catch selectivity, allowing smaller, unwanted fish to escape through the netting.

Ultra Cross is also an excellent material for use in square mesh panels and intermediate transitional sections, helping to further increase water flow and catch selectivity. As an added feature, Ultra Cross‘s smooth, knot-free surface reduces the damage to the fish and in turn yields a higher quality of fish. For these reasons we have seldom, if ever, seen a customer revert back to knotted polyethylene codend netting after purchasing a codend built with Ultra Cross netting. Ultra Cross netting is available in high-tenacity polyethylene, nylon and UHMWPE (such as Dyneema Dyneema® fiber).

NET Systems manufacturing team applies the tightest quality assurance standards in the industry to provide flawless netting that fits your exacting needs.


NET Systems offers:

  • Eight In-House, State-of-the-Art Netting Looms:
    One 28-1200ply, and four 4-36ply Ultra Cross knotless looms.
    One 30 millimeter and two 50 millimeter pitch looms which are capable of making netting from twine with diameters of 2.5 to 10 millimeters and mesh sizes from 100 to 13,000 millimeters.
  • Depth Stretching/Heat Setting
    The world’s largest and longest stretcher/heat setter, which is capable of bale depths of 200 feet (61 meters) with pulling forces of 100 tons. The stretcher/heat setter can operate with steam heat or unheated.
  • Pre-Shrinking
    Large boiling vat capable of pre-shrinking entire bales of nylon netting
  • Bonding Facilities
    Capable of bonding most types of water-based bonding agents.
  • Dyneema Dyneema is a registered trademark owned by Royal DSM N.V.