Scale Model Purse Seine Test Tank

The video below shows what is going on under the water during a standard set with a purse seine net. Using the tank allows engineers and fisherman to see how the net responds to a certain set of forces. The tank can simulate currents at different levels in the water column. Being able to visualize how the net responds under water is crucial to developing and improving net designs.



Purse Seine nets are used in many different fisheries around the world to target such species as Salmon, Herring, Tuna, and Squid.
In Southeast Alaska, summer brings the various species of salmon back to spawn. Seiners from up and down the west coast arrive to take part in the harvest. Here is a short video that shows some scale of the salmon nets and how beautiful Alaska is through the inside passage.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game is a wealth of information on species, annual harvests, and types of vessels.

From their website:

“The salmon returning to Alaskan streams and rearing in Alaskan waters are the basis for one of Alaska’s most important industries and underpin a traditional subsistence lifestyle in rural portions of the State. From 2000–2004, the average harvest of salmon sold by commercial fishermen in Alaska was almost 157 million fish (about 742 million pounds). The value of the commercial harvest varies both with the size of the runs and with foreign currency exchange rates. Average annual value of the 2000–2004 harvest was in excess of $230 million (Recent 5-year average harvests, value, and permits fished). Because of the magnitude of commercial fisheries for salmon, state biologists collect extensive information and statistics for management decisions. Alaska also has very important sport and subsistence fisheries for salmon. Many Alaskans depend heavily on subsistence-caught salmon for food and cultural purposes. Fishery management plans give top priority to the subsistence use of fish resources.”

Check out there site for more info!