Review Spread Of Gear in Shallows Excellent with Gull Wings

Hi Takeo, Yes the gull wing is working awesome in the shallow water, We have made several tows in 3 fathom or less and have had great stability and spreading force as compared to any other door we have towed in the past. We are rigged at B and C-minus with 1′ in the top door leg. 18 to 25 degrees leaning in (depends on tide) and 4 to 7 degrees pitched up in front. We have not used any of the weight plates yet this year. We will be heading to the Gulf next trip for rockfish. We will be mid-watering them and will give you an up-date then. Regards, Bob


Hi John, they worked great up there. I didn’t even shorten up our sweeps, didn’t need to. I used them in as little as 5 fathoms with no problems. We didn’t save any fuel, however, it was necessary to tow them really hard to keep them up. That said, it’s the most sweep I’ve ever been able to use in the shallows.
We’re happy.

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