UC Silver Performs Beyond Expectations!

Increases Production and Reduces Fuel Consumption!!!

Fishermen’s Net & Supply in New Orleans reported earlier last week that one of their shrimp fishermen from Dulac, Louisiana was able to tow their UC Silver nets at 3 knots for the first time in their fishing history! This was accomplished by changing their traditional nets to UC Silver nets. By doing so they were able to increase their towing speed from 2.2 knots to 3 knots as well as reducing their RPM from 1300 to 950. Not only can they cover more ground thereby catching more shrimp, they are also are reducing their fuel consumption. By using the UC Silver netting shrimp fishermen can increase their revenue and decrease their cost, creating a winning situation for users of UC Silver netting.

Fishermen’s Net & Supply is a UC Silver netting distributor of NET Systems located at 4540 Downman Street in New Orleans. They are a full service supplier of fishing gear and vessel equipment for gulf fishermen.