Trinity Trawl

Trinity Trawl

This design is original to Nor’Eastern Trawl and was fully developed by 1981. Unusually effective in very shallow depths targeting Pelagic Fish located on or near bottom. It can be towed on bottom or semi-pelagically. The Trinity’s ability to capture and hold Fish with such a unique design is a result of incorporating a top panel that extends forward of the Footrope, similar to a Bottom Trawl. The cut back bottom panel minimizes damage and makes repairs much easier due to its small size and small mesh.

Available in large midwater class versions for smoother bottom conditions and in smaller Bottom Net versions. The smaller versions are for Fishing in extreme conditions where bottom terrain is rough or Fishing near Sea Mounts and in canyons.


  • Meshes in the forward wings for increased fish herding performance.
  • Bottom wings increase the net’s bottom tending capabilities in smooth bottom areas.
  • The design is original to Nor’Eastern trawl in 1981.  Developed for the high volume semi-pelagic fisheries of the Bering Sea.
  • Superb semi-pelagic fishing in very shallow water.
  • Excellent maneuverability and depth control.
  • “American” riblined construction technique fixes the trawl shape and substantially increases performance and reliability while simultaneously extending the net’s useful life.

Available in large midwater class versions for smoother bottom areas and in smaller bottom net versions for semi-pelagic fishing near seamounts and other tough bottom.

Size Recommended Horse Power Stretch Circumference at Transducer Maximum Design Dimensions at Transducer
Width Height Width Height
HP ft m fm fm m m
245 750 ~ 1000 810.7 247.1 17.9 10.5 32.8 19.1
285 1200 938.7 286.1 20.9 11.9 38.2 21.8
325 1200 ~ 1800 1109.3 338.1 26.9 11.9 49.2 21.8
425 1800 ~ 2500 1408.0 429.2 32.9 16.4 60.1 30.0